About Us

Yeganeh Andisheh Agreen, Ltd” is an engineering consultant company working in fields of greenhouse construction and greenhouse production management include hydroponic and high tech greenhouses. Funders of this company are agricultural experts and hydroponic advisors who have more than 50 Consulting Projects in all over Iran in their working resume particularly in field of hydroponic strawberry production. Main office of this company is located in Karaj, Alborz province but the domain of activities is throughout the country. Organizing training workshops and especial meeting with investors are one of the activities of our company. We also have closed cooperation with Iranian greenhouse constructors and some of international greenhouse manufacturing companies. “Agreen” most services are include financial and constructional advising in field of greenhouse particularly hydroponic greenhouses, hydroponic production advising, procurement and distribution all kind of materials and equipment needed during production such as plant materials, and Organizing training workshops about hydroponic greenhouse management especially in field of strawberry. Also we are going to identify interested investors and also improving our cooperation with international greenhouse manufacturing companies.